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SmoothPay provides extensive documentation, application help, direct-to-desktop assistance as well as online help for common and frequently asked questions.

Help menu: The SmoothPay program installed on your computer contains a help menu providing access to common documents, website etc.

Documentation online: Our learning centre on the website provides topic-specific documentation about everything from 'Getting Started' to 'Xero online accounting' in detail.

FAQ: Our website also provides a Questions tab that provides instant access to many frequently asked questions (pricing, leave entitlements, getting help and so on)

Direct-to-desktop assistance: Not only do you have all those resources, we also provide direct-to-desktop assistance via our SmoothPay-branded TeamViewer tool (available in SmoothPay itself from the [Assist] tool in the toolbar.

HelpDesk: SmoothPay's friendly helpdesk can assist you with your initial installation and setup of SmoothPay, data migration from manual, older or non-compliant payroll systems and assistance with questions as they arise (even during your free trial period).

Advice: SmoothPay is one of the Pacific's most compliant payroll systems providers (compliance with Leave entitlements, Tax, Superannuation etc.) and we're happy to assist you with any compliance question you may have, and will refer to appropriate sources of further advice should you need.

Legal Disclaimer: advice offered by the HelpDesk is of an operational nature only and is not provided to satisfy any statutory obligations nor is any solution provided as conclusive legal, financial or tax advice.

So please, contact our HelpDesk if you have a question, or seek more information in SmoothPay's help menu, documentation in the learning centre and in our FAQ Help online.

SmoothPay's help desk hours are 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri NZDT except public holidays, and at other times by arrangement.

Contact details are at the foot of the SmoothPay Control Centre and here on our Contact page.

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