BSP QuickPay for direct credits

SmoothPay provides BSP QuickPay as an option for customers in Cook Islands, Samoa, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Tonga.

Bank code

The [Bank code] is your registration number at the bank (the spec indicates it is required, however it's often entered as WES or BSP etc).

Account number

In the example screenshot, the BSB+account number is entered as follows, and each position is significant:

  • 03 = BSP bank (bank codes vary by country, so please refer to your BSP account manager)
  • 9 = State (this is a hold-over from the original Westpac format - you MUST enter 9 here)
  • 001 = Branch number (generally 000 or 001 are accepted, but you should check)
  • 555555555 = account number

All account numbers must be entered in similar fashion for employee bank accounts and agency bank accounts. These are examples:

  • BSP: 039001-123456789
  • ANZ (Cook Islands): 099nnn-123456789 (check with BSP for correct branch code for nnn)
  • BCI (Cook Islands): 089nnn-123456789

Samoa BSP Bank codes:

Bank Bank# State Branch
BSP 03 9 001
ANZ 09 9 012
SCB 05 9 005
NBS 04 9 004 

If this formatting is not followed correctly then the BSP QuickPay file may well be unusable.


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