System requirements

SmoothPay Payroll is a desktop payroll application and requires standard PC or laptop (running XP or later) or intel Mac equipment (running Snow Leopard or later).

SmoothPay may be used with CubeSQL database server to provide for multiple users (free for up to 3 seats).

The database used is SQLITE (possibly the world's most used relational database) and is compatible on both Mac and Windows machines.

SmoothPay provides localised installers for 5 countries (NZ, Australia, Samoa, PNG and Solomon Islands), and all editions permit you to process multiple companies in any of the supported country configurations (if you are processing payroll for profit or offshore then contact us for pricing information, otherwise the advertised pricing applies)

NOTE for Windows users: All database applications are sensitive to continual scrutiny by AV and Security products - SmoothPay's install folder and processes must be exempted from scanning to ensure performance is not compromised.

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