Correcting a Processed Pay

Despite the processes that are meant to be followed each pay period, errors occasionally get through that require fixing after the pay has been processed.

If the pay has just been completed and no additional processing has taken place:

  1. Tools..Restore..OK. This will restore from the last archive created (they get created automatically when you Process Pay) and set your system back to the point immediately before the pay was completed - all your pay inputs are there ready for correction as required.
  2. After corrrecting your pay input, re-run your Pay Reports for checking and Process Pay as usual.

If additional pays or maintenance has occurred since the pay was processed:

  1. Finish any current pay processing, then
  2. Tools..Wizards..Correct pay batch dates
  3. Select the batch in question and choose Recall Batch (note there is also a Delete Batch option, and the form can also be used to correct pay dates on previously processed batches as well)
  4. Correct the pay entries (if an employee should not have been paid you'll go to Who to Pay and untick the employee)
  5. Run your reports to make sure the whole pay is now correct
  6. Finish Pay (make sure you set the next period dates correctly).

You'll need to re-run any costing, super and tax reports that may have been affected by the corrections.

Other possibilities:

  1. If the correction is due to hours missed off a timesheet etc and the amount isn't of any great consequence then it might be reasonable to pay the amount in the next pay period
  2. If a pay run has been duplicated (SmoothPay warns you if you try to pay staff for the same period dates again) then one or other batch can easily be deleted (or just restore if it was the last batch processed).
  3. If batches are completely wrong then you can restore from any of the (up to 20) most recent archives maintained by SmoothPay, or use the Tools..Wizards utility to delete all pay history and start again.
  4. If the amendments relate to take-on pays (say imported from another payroll, or entered manually), then you can double-click the History entry and edit as required.


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